About Me

Hi everybody! Welcome to my learning platform and blog. I am Jaime Mercado, a Mechanical Engineer with a 7 years- relevant work experience in the field of piping stress analysis and scaffolding systems.

This is what we are going to explore together:

Piping Engineering

  • Piping Stress Analysis with Caesar II
  • Insight into the piping engineering and design
  • Piping Supports
  • Evaluation of Nozzle Loads
  • Optimization and improvements of piping routing and layouts
  • Most common errors at carrying out piping stress analysis
  • The simplified method for piping stress analysis(without Caesar II)

Scaffolding Systems

  • How to model scaffolding systems for any sort of industrial and building construction process. 
  • Type of scaffolding: Supported, suspended, and mobile scaffolding
  • Independent towers, bridging, birdcage-scaffolding and façade scaffolding
  • Scaffold parts (dimensions, weights, quantity, material take off, etc).